Applying for a Masters in Psychology in Mumbai

Applying for a Masters in Mumbai is no walk in the park.

There are only 2 Universities that offer you full-time courses for a Masters in Psychology in Mumbai. They are none other than Mumbai University at Kalina and S.N.D.T. (Their main branch at Churchagte  and at their affiliated colleges Maniben Nanavati & L.J.N.J. in Vile Parle).

There are few things I have come across while applying

  1. The admission procedure gets revamped often. It’s best if you go to the admission department from where you collect the application forms to understand the procedure. SNDT university, since 2014, has started an online admission procedure.
    Following an online application you are called to the university for an interview.
  2. Every university sells the application form from anywhere between Rs. 50 to Rs 100
  3. Along with the application form you will need at least:
    1. Academic Transcripts (1 to 3 copies will need to be submitted depending on the university)
    2. Leaving Certificate (1 to 3 copies will need to be submitted depending on the university)
    3. Eligibility Certificate (if you’re coming from another university)
    4. Passport Size Photograph
      Note: Make a few extra copies of your academic transcripts and leaving certificate.
  4. Getting an eligibility certificate – this is for international students or students who have studied overseas and are now returning
    1. The university you are applying to Mumbai or S.N.D.T. have an in-house department that gives it to you
    2. However in order to give you the Eligibility Certificate you may require a Certificate of Equivalence that is issued by AIU  (Association of Indian Universities – New Delhi)
      – Academic Transcripts of your Bachelors (at least)
      – Leaving Certificate
      – Grade 12 Transcript
      – Demand Draft of Rs. 9000 (only  after they approve of your papers then only make the demand draft)
      Note: My experience with AIU was a long one. It’s better to get this done ASAP!
  5. Submit all your paper work and wait for the lists to come out a week after Mumbai Universities declares the T.Y.B.A. results.
    Note: They say, the sooner you apply the more likely you are to get admission in the university.
Good luck!
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69 thoughts on “Applying for a Masters in Psychology in Mumbai

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      • I’m in T.Y.B.A this year with a double major in psychology and English literature… Will I get through with admissions for M.A psychology? What should I do and which university has no problem as such?

      • You need the 6 core modules in psychology to be able to do a masters in clinical psychology.
        My understanding is that your double major does not give you 6 core modules in psychology.

        Before I recommend universities, do you intend to pursue your masters in Mumbai? And what specialisation in psychology?

      • The 3 modules include industrial psychology, abnormal psychology and psychological assessment and stats. I want to do masters in counseling psychology in Mumbai itself.

      • SNDT At Vile Parle (west) is very accommodating and will surely consider your application.
        The head of department is also very approachable.

        SNDT at churchgate has just started their counselling course so they might consider your application. But SNDT Churchgate tends to be less flexible at times.

        You can try for Mumbai University but you must remember that you are not given your specialisation till the 2nd year of your masters.

      • Thank you so much! And I would also like to know if there are any part time certificate diploma courses available in Mumbai for teaching children with special needs? Like ADHD dyslexia LD etc? Can I do it during my TY instead of after?

      • Can you please tell me when should I get started with my M.A admission? Should I wait for T.Y results or before that? Online or manual?

  2. I’m in T.Y.B.A this year with a double major in psychology and English literature… Will I get through with admissions for M.A psychology? What should I do and which university has no problem as such?

  3. I have graduated from Accounting and Finance 2 years back with a pass class. I want to pursue M.A In pyschology and would like to know if there is a correspondence course for the same or it is a full time course. Either ways I do not mind doing any of them.

    Also Where Should I consider applying, I came across this website after 2 hours of form filling in Mumbai university website only to know that there was no specialization in psychology in IDOL (distance learning). Tried searching about the procedure before landing on this website. I wish to get admissions this year itself for MA Part I in with Psychology as a specialization.

    Thanks and Regards.

    • Hi

      Mumbai University does offer a course masters in psychology
      Within it there are sub specialisations like Clinical Psychology, Counselling Psychology, Industrial Psychology and Social Psychology.

      There are long distance recognised courses for a masters in psychology
      But before I suggest, I would like to know if you know what sub specialisation you’re keen on doing?

      • Hello,

        I am interested in counselling psychology as a specialization later on.
        I did inquire in Mumbai university with the Department of Psychology, They said that doing B.A is compulsory if you want to do a M.A in psychology.

        My graduation in commerce is not considered much here. Also Distance Learning is not available in Masters in Psychology in Mumbai University. It is only available for B.A through IDOL in Mumbai University.

        Which other universities allow Distance Learning for Masters in psychology and are they worth pursuing ?

        Thanks and Regards,

    • Doing a masters in psychology may be difficult as the departments require all 6 psychology subjects.

      You may be able to speak with the HOD and request them to consider your application.

      If you’re very certain you would like to pursue a career in psychology, I urge you to consider doing a diploma course, getting your psychology basics in order and then applying for a masters program.

  4. Which are the colleges affiliated to university of mumbai and SNDT that offer MA psychology (industrial-organizational) ? Also, does the admission require any entrance exam?

    • The affiliated universities to SNDT Mumbai are
      1. Mannibhen Nanavati – Vile Parle (West)
      2. LJNJ – Vile Parle (West)
      3. SNDT Ghatkopar

      The main university which also offers these courses is SNDT Churchgate

      Mumbai University does not have any affiliates university conducting these courses.
      They take place at their main university campus.

      • Could you please explain this to me ‘You need 6 papers on Psychology’?
        Do you mean 6 papers in TYBA?
        Or perhaps this:

        1. General (Sem I) FYBA
        2. Social (Sem II) SYBA
        3. Developmental (Sem III) SYBA
        4. Testing and Statistics (Sem IV) TYBA
        5. Abnormal (Sem V) TYBA
        6. Industrial and Organizational (Sem VI) TYBA

        Please let me know, because I am in TYBA with 3 papers in Socio and 3 in Psycho, I have completed 3 papers form the list and I am onto completing the remaining 3 i.e 4,5 & 6

  5. I have complite t y ba in psychology i shall takan addmition in your univecity i hope received my addmition in your univercity

  6. I have completed in biotechnology frm mumbai university i hav vry keen interest 2 do M.a in counselling pschology…cn u tel me if i m eligible for tis course…do u hav distance learning educatn 4 tis course?

  7. Thanks for the info! I’d also like to know which offers a better internship in part 2 of ma and which has better faculty? Sndt or MU?

    • The faculty for the coming year has undergone a major change.
      One of MU’s best lecturers Dr. Anuradha Sovnj has joined SNDT.
      Thus saying which college has a better faculty is pretty difficult as they both bring a similar level of expertise.

      Their options for internships are the same, mostly government hospitals.

      MU and SNDT students, during their 3rd semester (MA-2 first sem) intern for 2/3 days week.
      However, as of last year SNDT has changed it’s format and their students are no required to spend 5 days a week in their last semester doing their internship. This is in addition to the 2/3 per week in semester 3.

      • Okay! Sorry, I might have forgotten to mention earlier that I want to take industrial as my major subject in MA part 2 , so internship for that is good where out of those two universities?

  8. I have completed my Bachelors in Psychology from Amity University, Noida..and I wish to study in Mumbai for Masters in Psychology itself..I tried calling the Department of Psychology in MU for information..but no one picked up the phone..can you guys help me out in knowing when the admission procedure starts there? I would be really grateful..
    Thank you :)

  9. hi .. I have completed my BSc in Chemistry in 2008 and working since then. I wish to do my MA in psychology(industrial or social). I would like to know
    1. If i am eligible to do so?
    2. Are there any part time/distance learning courses
    3. When do the admission procedures begin?

    thanks in advance

    • Yes you are eligible to do your masters in either industrial or social.

      Mumbai University and SNDT both offer full time courses in these fields.

      Institute of Psychotherapy Sciences and IGNOU are recognised bodies that offer distance learning courses in these fields

  10. i have completed my BA in nagpur university. i m married now and living in mumbai.want to take admision for MA psychology. what is the procedure and requirements? is there any entrance exam?

  11. I am BE in Instrumentation from MU in 2011. I want to do MA in Psychology in either counselling or social psychology (haven’t yet decided). Am I eligible for it? & approximately when admission process will start for both MU & SNDT?


    • A masters in Psychology requires all your 6 subjects to be in psychology.

      It seems highly unlikely that you may get admission.

      However, I would encourage you to speak to Manibhen – SNDT at Vile Parle

  12. I guess the online application forms for both SNDT and MU are out, but when i was filling them, in the educational qualification section, i couldn’t find my university in the list.

    Is it so that both MU and SNDT don’t recognize private universities? even if they are UGC recognized?

  13. hi, iam appeared my ty with double majoring subject ie .history & psychology & wish to do Ma in psychology ( industrial & organization ) do u think iam eligible for it ?

  14. I’m waiting for my TYBA semester 6 results (in Psychology) & I wanted to ask if I should apply to SNDT, who have this online admission system or wait till my results are declared & then proceed to apply at SNDT/Mumbai University??

  15. I am working in a school as a teacher.I have completed my graduation from KALINA university and now I want to do M.A in psychology but correspondence. Request you kindly send your answer

  16. Hi there.

    I have completed my TY BMM this year and am looking forward to do M.A in psychology with a specialization in counseling and psychotherapy through distance education and preferably from Mumbai University. But I couldn’t get anything clear by going onto their site and find answer to my queries.

    1) Could you please tell me first of all if is there even a specialization course in MA in psychology in MU for Counseling and psychotherapy?

    2) And also if I could apply for it (if it does exist!) since I’ve done BMM and psychology was a subject in just one semester in this 3 year graduation program?

    3) If Mu doesn’t offer this course, which other institutes offer such course through distance education which has good reputation, affiliation, etc.?

  17. What are the updates regarding admmission in masters in counselling psychology? i am unable to find any announcement from both mumbai university and SNDT university, i have done my masters in psychology vinayaka mission university, am i able to get admission in M.A in counselling psychology ? Please help

  18. I have done my B.Com and MBA in General Management. Wanted to know if I am eligible for MA in Psychology (Social Psychology) as the basic qualification mentioned in the website in Graduation (any stream). If not in Mumbai University, then are there any other universities where I can apply.

  19. i have completed my graduation in psychology and want to do my masters in clinical psychology from mumbai university(kalina campus).can you please let me know the criteria of their selection, is it on merit or interview or test.hoping to hear from you soon

  20. i have done…but i have a interest in psycolgy like how human behaves and other stuffs…plzzz help to knw that can i do smthing

  21. Hi there, i am a psychology hons graduate n want to do my masters in clinical psychology from mumbai.i have applied in sndt and even got selected. Can you please tell me which one is better sndt or mumbai university for clinical psychology??please reply

    • Hi there, tomorrow is the last date to submit your admission forms, u will need your TYBA marksheet, birth cerificate n passport/ adhar card or ration card.

  22. Hello,
    What are the institutes/universities that have MS/MSc Psychology in mumbai? Does mumbai university has a part-time/correspondence MSc Psychology? I am currently pursuing my B.A Psychology form IGNOU.
    Thank you.

  23. I completed my Second year BA through IDOL this June and I just paid the fees for my final year admission, but I could only select 3 papers for Psychology, why aren’t there 6 papers? So I took 3 papers of Sociology and 3 of Psychology, is there going to be a problem in future if I want to do Masters in Clinical or Counseling? Please let me know ASAP, so I’ll cancel my admission and search for some college who offer 6 Psycho papers in TY.
    (Do you know of any college or university offering 6 Psychology papers in TY?)

  24. I have completed B.Com (Pass) and M.A. Economics shall be completed next year June 2015. I want to take admission in M.A. Psychology with industrial and organizational psychology of Mumbai Univ after completion of PG. Am I eligible? What is meant by T.Y.B.A? Someone please help me ?

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